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Confidential, No-Cost, Professional Investigation into Paranormal Activity

Business Overview

We conduct investigations into paranormal activity from a scientific, yet Christian perspective. We are a non-profit corporation, and we do not charge for our services if we accept your case. So much about paranormal investigation is misunderstood. Sometimes, teams investigating the paranormal can be very immature and seemingly on a quest merely to have fun - as if it were a Halloween party. We are the exact opposite. We do not view ourselves as ghost hunters, but rather as spiritual activity investigators. Our desire is simply to help other people to understand what is likely occurring - or not occurring. We understand that we are coming into your home or place of business, and that we are guests. We are led by older professionals (law enforcement, medical, clergy, for example) who know how to treat people and understand what you are going through. Our Credo, is that all of our investigators have the following 8 characteristics: Deep Faith, Spiritual Warfare know-how, a Healthy Skepticism, Technological know-how, Honesty, Composure, Patience and Professionalism. We investigate your case from three main perspectives at once: Caring, Scientific (to determine if what is happening has a natural cause), and Christian. This unique "CSC" approach is as follows: first of all, we care - and it comes across. We will listen to you and treat you with dignity, respect and professionalism. Secondly, we launch a thorough scientific investigation, including interviews (be fore-warned, we are nice about it, but we ask some tough, pointed questions!), historical research, and on-site sessions utilizing sophisticated camera, video, audio, and closed-circuit television equipment, as well as many other scientific research instruments and meters. Thirdly, we are deeply committed Christians who understand that we live in both a physical world and a spiritual world, and are under no illusion as to other possible explanations and causes. We are well aware of the common "flaw of the excluded middle," so we understand that the natural, material world of the physical overlaps with the realm of the spiritual. We specialize in this middle, over-lapping area. After our on-site field investigation sessions, we do an careful analysis of all collected data, then sit down with you and reveal our findings - what we have or have not discovered - and what we think your best option(s) might be going forward, both short and long-term.

Geographic Area

Centered on Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana, but if necessary we will travel farther, and/or confer with another more local team in your area. Visit our blog at www.natchezghosts.blogspot.com

Line of Business

Community Services > Foundations, Clubs, Associations, Etc.

Brands We Carry

We utilize both hi-tech & low-tech equipment. Our hi-tech includes some of the latest technology: the DAS RT-EVP and Zoom H2; Panasonic RR DR60 and RR QR80 IC recorders; MEL, K3, TriField Natural EMF, RF, and ELF Meters; static e-pods; Spirit Boxes and Frequency Sweep devices; Closed-circuit 4 camera infrared video array with DVR; Full-spectrum, Deep infrared, and Sony camcorders with infrared vision, as well as traditional digital and 35mm cameras, and a Yukon night scope.

Products And Services

We provide no-cost, professional, confidential investigations into paranormal activity from a Christian perspective. We understand how disturbing this can be. We cover every angle: research, interviews, scientific instrument field testing, photo/video, EMF, EVP & atmospheric conditions, to Demonology, Clearing & Cleansing, Blessing, Spiritual Counseling and long-term avoidance follow-up. We can help! Member: International Ghost Hunter's Society and Association TransCommunication (AA-EVP)

Discounts Offered

We use atmospheric instruments such ambient & laser temp, barometric, humidity, and radiation meters. Our low-tech equipment include trigger objects, such as old coins, a 1790's silver spoon, old keys...ornaments...photographs...dolls and marbles to ping-pong balls and stuffed animals. Testing items such as scrabble pieces, dominos, and ole-fashioned talc or flour. Lastly, Christian objects such as crucifixes, anointing oil, Holy Bible, candles and incense.

Additional Information

If you are experiencing paranormal activity, or believe your house or structure is haunted and would like to have an investigation done, we can help. Call or email us to set up an initial interview, or if it is an emergency - call Mike Chapman at the phone number listed. He is a certified full-time law enforcement officer and is also a co-founder. He can provide assistance or direct you to assistance quickly.

Business Hours

Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week


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